Wednesday, 16 March 2011


So iv been given the subject of death to look at for our initial research and need to make a mood board. Iv read the story and have got a couple of ideas about how I would like to represent death within our rooms.

I want to use a changing screen to represent as a metaphor for the mental screens that Ivan mentions at one point in the story.

I also want to use the quote:
' new screens were found for a while seemed to save him, but then they immediately fell to pieces or rather became transparent, as if *it* penetrate them and nothing could veil *it* '

I want to combine the screen and the idea of *it* being able to penetrate anything by creating some form 'whole'/ crack/ gap covered by some sort of lace (which is mentioned in the first chapter at the funeral, all the women wear a lace 'head dress' I can't remember what its called).

Im going to put together some sketches for my mood board in order to better represent this concept.

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