Monday, 21 March 2011

Lighting/ Wall lighting

So I've got to research and design the wall lighting for Ivan's rooms. As a man conscious of the look of his house and being quite picky about it I think all the lights would be the same, that should make the design and making process easier. Being a wealthy man I'm also guessing that he would have been up to date with technology and through my brief research I have found out that Kerosine lamps where being used in the USA and Europe mainly Poland as early as 1850 therefore I think its safe to say by 1880 they would have been fairly popular all over Europe...soo Kerosene Lamps it is.

So from the book Iv gathered that Ivan was a wealthy man but he liked to buy cheap things that looked expensive, and i think because this was fairly new technology at the time he would have had elaborate looking structures but not over the top.

All of these are examples of European 19th century kerosene lamps so I think this a good place to get my inspiration from when designing my wall lighting. I want to try and incorporate elements of all of them in my designs. I want an ornate but not too elaborate look combined with practical for example the mirror that reflects light that would hit the wall back out into the room.

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