Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Building the flats

Henry Jones a set designer and builder came in to help explain and construct our sets. We began by creating the 8' x 4' flats that would make the walls of out sets. These were done like so...

Basic sketch of the frame construction using 5, 4' planks and 2, 8' planks.

To join the 8 foots to the 4 foots two guide holes were drilled and then two screws drilled in to attach the two. A mark must be made at the bottom of each frame to denote the bottom, this is were all drilling should begin.

To create doors and windows holes aren't cut in normal flats, new headers and footers must be made like little flats. They are made in the same way with a frame and a skin. A window usually has a header and a footer and a door only has header. Our group had decided that because russian houses had such high ceilings we would make our windows go right up to the ceiling in order to give the illusion on more height when shooting the set.

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