Wednesday, 25 May 2011

We needed to create more defined legs for the screen so I got some styrofoam blocks, 2x (300mmx600mm) at 50mm thick for £8. These would add a bit more bulk to the screen and would be easy to shape. I traced the shape of the legs on to the styrofoam blocks and cut them on the band saw. Sarah and I then used craft knives, sand paper and a mouse sander to round the legs giving them a smoothes 'leg' like shape sarah and I also decided to add dog like foot shape to the bottom of each foot as this was popular in the baroque movement. Before we attached them we added a pine baton, with a routed edge, just above were the legs would attach to give a bit more bulk and smoother transition to the rest of the screen. We then attached the legs to the MDF using PVA glue.

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