Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Once the paper mache was dry we began to paint the frame sections so as not to ruin the fabric by painting them when all the layers were stuck together. We began by trying to create a wood grain effect by due the lack of paint colour options we decided to go for a darker burnt look. We painted a dark brown colour then with a dry brush we added black high lights. Once this was dry sarah used a bronze paint to add highlights to the raised detail. She also painted the winged hourglass and used the same bronze paint to give a shimmering highlight. Finally we added french polish all over the screen to give an ornate feel, also with french polish if u add water it gives a worn almost mouldy feel which we thought would really add to the deathly feel we wanted to create in the corner. Once the polish was dry (it was very quick drying) We stuck all the layers of the screen together using evo stick a contact adhesive that I was informed is very reliable for such jobs. We left all three panels to dry over night using clamps to make sure of a solid stick. The bat wing motif was stuck in the centre of the panel using araldite and two screws through the back.

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