Thursday, 26 May 2011


The paneling was a group effort. Simon showed us the basics and we all chipped in to get it done. We started with the skirting board. 20mm MDF was used to make the skirting board. We used spaces behind it to make appear wider then it was. Once these where drilled into the flats the first layer of paneling was placed on to on this being drilled straight into the wall with no spacer.
Once the bottom of the paneling was attached the up right pieces could be attached. We had a guide piece of ply wood that was the right size for the centre of the paneling which we placed in the middle of the wall, we then placed an up right either side of this and drilled then into the wall to look something like this...
This image shows the finished paneling. The top pieces have been attached (done the same way as the bottom) and all the screws have been poly fillered. Once these were done Callum used the hand held router to give a nice curved edge to all the inside panel pieces and also the top edge.

Once this was done they were ready to be painted, but just before that I had to mask of all the centre panels so that they didn't get any paint on them potentially ruining the wood grain effect they had already been given.

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