Thursday, 26 May 2011

The deathly corner

Sarah and I still had to create out death corner where the screen would stand. The idea is that its a metaphor for death within the room. The main aim was to create a decaying corner that represented 'death' we choose to move away from the idea of personification fairly early on in the project as it would seem quite 'disney' with the budget we had and it would be hard to come up with an original concept and make it within the time we had. We had a rough idea of what we wanted - a dark corner with forms of mould/ drips/ decay and an indication of growth into the room. We began by putting down a base coat of black and very dar brown to get an idea of size and shape, we initially drew the size of the screen on the floor to ensure the right coverage was made. Once a base coat was applied we used more black and brown applied using sponges so that it seemed like a very random coverage. We wanted to build up some real texture. To get further texture we used saw dust and wood chippings to add a bit more bulk. We used water and sponge to bleed out the edges on the blackness to give the idea of growth as well. This also gave us a really good dripping effect running down the wall which we really liked and applied to most areas of the wall. We also got a good effect from rubbing areas on wet paint away from the dry paint below to leave patchy green and black areas.

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