Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Once the basic screen sections had been cut and sanded we had to consider detail, we wanted to try create a carved wood look with some sort of swirly baroque style pattern that was common at the time. We had the idea of using string to create the swirls as its light, cheap and versatile. We also used polystyrene balls cut in half to to add some slightly more bulky detail to the panels. Once we had added these details we paper mached over this in order to blend them into the rest if the screen. Unfortunately Sarah began this process with blue paper which have an awful lined texture which i wasn't too happy with but we soldiered on and after a layer of news paper was soon rectified.

By holding the two pieces of the screen together we were able to draw around the inside of the top frame, indicating where the fabric had to stretch to. In the original design only the outer panels had fabric inlays but we had enough spare to cover the central panel too so we did as we prefered this textured finish to just a painted effect. On the sections of the screen that had the smashed hole we merely notched the fabric with the intention of pinning it around the back later.

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