Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Starting the screen

Sarah and I marked out the sections of the screen onto the wood using the cardboard screen as a template. We have adjusted the size slightly in order to make it a more intimidating feature of the study. We added half a foot onto the original design the sarah drew up. We started by cutting out the three solid screen shapes, we used the jigsaw to do this and made sure we were wearing goggles. Once the three solid pieces were cut we had to cut three more 'frame' section that would allow the inlayed fabric to show. Using the jigsaw was much easier than a band saw as the blade is much smaller and easier to control around the steep corners.

Using a mouse sander we were able to sand these pieces. We clamped the layerd sections together to make sure they were the same shape. Using some card sarah created a template for the legs and drew them on the MDF. These were then cut out and sanded. At this point we had six pieces of MDF that layered together to form the basis of the screens three panels. Now we had to consider how to bulk out the flat surface making patterns and details found in the 'carved wood'. To create the winged hour glass sarah decided to use art mache to add some bulk. When mixed 1 part mache to 3 parts warm water created a paper pulp that was easily shaped and dried in a few days.

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